2011 Ski-Doo Renegade® Backcountry™ E-TEC 600 H.O. ES

This would make for a great starter sled for the kids or maybe the wife would enjoy this machine too! Very clean sled and only 1561 miles!

We Engineer a Complete Disregard for Out-of-Bounds. Freshly groomed trails. Fields of untouched powder. The Renegade® is built for riders who want it all. Built on the light yet strong REV-X platform, it delivers incredibly responsive performance, both on-trail and off. With a longer track to bridge bumps and a deeper lug to carve through the backcountry with ease. Combine that with its remarkable fuel economy and you have a sled that’s specifically designed for one place: anywhere. Renegade® Backcountry™ There's no such thing as out of bounds with this easy-to-carve sled. Equipped with a 1.75-inch lug track and narrow adjustable ski stance, it's a machine built for riders whose favorite trail is no trail.